Olive is now 6 weeks old. today we had her out and she had a lot of fun and did a lot of flower smelling.

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With the final revelation as to who is ultimately behind Mima’s cyberstalking later in this film, it’s scary to think that they would personally enlist this guy. I mean, talk about betrayal of trust. Where Perfect Blue is sort of the anti-Ghost in the Shell in taking a much grimmer outlook on technology in framing social media as life in a fish bowl, the characters caught up in voyeuristic obsession with Mima to a dangerous level all have fish-like character design. The Internet having become what it is, this film really needs to go back in print in the ‘States.

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Anonymous asked: how did u get 2b so dreamy?

ur mum

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voidbabe said: hm? idgi

probs worded this shit but what I’m saying is soooooo much of this website’s idea of feminism focuses on girls which often disregards the issues people who don’t identify as girls face and yh it’s all well n gd to support and empower girls but what about other peeps. and tho it is important to educate girls I think it’s more important to educate the people who are the problem which I don’t see a lot of on here tbh.

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how many times do we have to remind ppl on here that making feminism all about girls is not feminism plz stop being idiots fgs

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how can anyone ever watch dubbed anime

what the fuck is wrong with u?

how is dubbed anime not a crime

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thats it sam has gone to australia now.. forever. WHen am i leaving?

did u get to meet him? if not lol what a fukin loser he was goodbye 4ever gd job giant gd for nothin farthead

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new shop stuff

s’all p cheap so take a look blahblahblah

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To Die For (Gus Van Sant, 1995)

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these past couple days my mum’s been doing 12.5 hr shifts at her new job and my sister is visiting atm and cus we’re not getting on too well with the grandparents atm we’ve been going out a lot.

yesterday we went to Lincoln on the bus and went to a bead shop and a vegan cafe and other little things.
then today we got chips and went into a couple of craft shops and went to town and got a coffee and stuff.

and that whole time, every time a person spoke to us or we had to talk, I did it all.

I’m really proud of myself for it too, considering I had a panic attack last week and only a few days ago my grandparents were being horrible about me for struggling with my mental health.

my sister is more confident than me but I sort of took the initiative since I’m the adult and just got on with things. I did trip up in some places, like today I asked the bus driver for a ticket that didn’t exist and he wasn’t very nice about it, but I did ok. I got through it and we did so much by ourselves. It felt strange and I won’t deny that it was pretty fucking scary, but it was liberating too.

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feels like I’m going backwards in terms of my mental health

like the other day that panic attack I had was real bad and I haven’t had one in a goood while

and then my grandparents making me feel like a piece of worthless shite and making up shit about me being nasty to my mum??, not to mention my dad, his gf and my nana visiting yesterday telling me to go on job seekers or get a job soon and that is all they fucking said to me after over 3 years of not seeing one and not seeing the other 2 for over 3 weeks.

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