goodnight I’m going to be away for like 3 and a bit days but I will come bk and upload some real fukin cool pics from Infest and u will b like ‘woah I wish I could have gone that looked rly cool and wow they look so hot wow I would even sniff their farts for fun they look so cool’

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goin 2 Bradford to our hotel tomorrow and then the next day is Infest.

I need to prepare myself to see like 1000 white people with dreads and try not laugh at them

but I also need to prepare myself as to not fall in love with 50 different people as well.

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Geothermal mud springs. Rotorua, New Zealand.

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this pic belongs in a late 90s issue of thrasher

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The camera just turned itself on, I’m not a model

Look at this smarmy lizard bastard.

"Smarmy lizard bastard"

he looks like a surprised egg

His face looks like one of those masks out of The Purge

What a fucking div

"tesco magazine"

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me and Izaak went on the kayak in the sea a couple days ago when the weather was nice and we had so much fun.

I lost both of my plugs in the water tho and I’m esp annoyed about my holographic eye one getting lost cus I can’t find another one online to replace it, but I bought a couple new ones that I like anyway.

we went pretty far out and were jumping off the kayak and usually I am absolutely fucking terrified of deep water but I was pretty ok this time. I just didn’t spend long enough in deep water for it to really freak me out.

anyway we were doing different dives off the kayak and I told Izaak to do a pencil dive and he tried but it was crap so I was like
'that was rubbish, look this is how you do a pencil dive'

I jumped with my arms down by my sides and body totally straight and my ankles caught on the side of the kayak and I just ended up doing a tiny jump and landing like a flat wooden plank on water.

it was fucking funny but now I have huuuuge bruises on my legs. 

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Alien (1979) trading cards.

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Circuit Board by Timothy Schenck on Flickr.

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So cute


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liberal feminism is so useless and constantly praises women using the patriarchy to their advantage versus dismantling it like it’s not shocking tht it’s so easy to be a libfem cuz you don’t have to change or examine your behaviors at all you just gotta say that you feel empowered and basically value your personal agency over destroying a system tht is failing all women 

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the other day I got a free mug from poundworld cus there was no barcode on the bottom of it so the man just pretended to scan it cus I think he knew there wasn’t one on there but cba to go get a new one.

also all of the kittens and their mum have left the cattery now apart from Olive and her sister who is black with a slight tabby coat. it’s sad cus she’s a real sweetie but no one wants her. there’s a real problem with homing black cats atm, even kittens :/

Olive is doing gd tho and is getting bigger by the day and every time I walk past her pen and she’s outside she mews and runs to the mesh and climbs it to be face to face with u it’s so fkin cute and then her sis joins in as well. they just want love and attention atm so much cus they miss their mumma and siblings.

also tomorrow I’m going on a nearly 6 hour train journey to Izaak’s and I have to make 3 changes and go on the tube in London which I feel very nervous about doing but hopefully it will be ok :{

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