this south african flower was so fuzzy and giant and pink <3

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I’ve got my sister to go vegan

let’s see how long this lasts

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today I had a panic attack while out with my mum and it was one of the most horrible things that has happened to me in a while

s’cus I haven’t been taking my tablets once again

also I tried to get on the combined pill so I won’t have my period when I see Izaak but they wouldn’t let me have it because I get migraines sometimes and so I’m on the other pill that will still fk up my moods and possibly my period but o well

cus I’m seeing Izaak for the week before Infest and then we’re going to have a great time and that’s all that matters. I’ll get to be with my best friend I haven’t seen for 4 months and we can go to the beach and stuff it’ll be great good for me

o plus I got a swimsuit so I can go swimming at one of the pools around here for exercise and I look real hot in it my boobs are fucking huge and that’s ok

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Title: Boogie in Your Butt Artist: Eddie Murphy 1,961 plays


This is still one of my most favorite songs of all time.

if I had my own show this wud b the opening and ending song

actually crying

2 days ago on 07/22/14 at 03:08pm

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I cannot tell u how difficult it is to live so closely with my mother while also on my period

earlier she was trimming her fucking pubes in front of me with my craft scissors

she snores so loud I have to wear earplugs to bed and am not sleeping properly cus it’s rly hot AND she takes up most of the bed we have to share

and she’s taken up all of the drawer/cupboard space so there is not enough for me and then complains that my stuff is everywhere.

so I’m trying reeeeally hard atm not to flat out punch her in the face

same with my grandma too cus she’s a fucking bitch all the time

rly cannot wait to be in my own space and we with my kitties and take Olive home with us and settle her down.

3 days ago on 07/21/14 at 11:03pm

I truly honestly think that if u don’t like John Carpenter then you are scum


who the fuck do u think u r to hate on thee master of horror? he’s funny, huuuuuugely entertaining, his soundtracks are gold and his style is so fkin consistently perfect he’s got it all

if u dnt like at least 1 film by the man then unfollow me rite now 4 real cus I ain’t got no time for h8rz of Johnny C and I certainly dnt want any following me.

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I will admit these look like little green buttholes and some of them even look like they’ve prolapsed. but they’re delicious and that’s all that matters.

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i woke up today and found i had a letter in the post and it was the choker i ordrered from cyberfartz etsy shop!! i’m so happy and it came with such a cute little note with glittery jewel stickers on it!! gonna post some pictures wearing it, its the cutest thing ever

<3 :3

check iiiit

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o look I made these

and here they are 4 sale

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Fargo FX: a cool show about a nice man who smiles a lot and shows people that they can be the change they want to see in the world

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